Group Classes for older People

My group exercise classes are custom-made for seniors, prioritizing safety, engagement, and results. Whether seeking strength, energy, or social connections in a lively setting, our class is the ideal choice for you.
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Explore a Variety of Group Classes Designed for Older Adults

Dance Workout Class

Embark on a Latin Dance Journey for Seniors! Get ready to spice up your routine with our Latin Dance Class designed exclusively for seniors. Experience the rhythm of Latin music and twirl to lively beats. No experience is required – just your enthusiasm!

Circuits Class

Join my Circuit Class for a high-energy mix of strength, cardio, and functional exercises. This dynamic session delivers a supportive group vibe and personalized guidance. Get ready to boost your fitness and strength in an exhilarating, efficient workout!”

GoldenCore Stability Session

Energize your core and balance with a Core class designed for seniors. Strengthen your core muscles, enhance posture, and build confidence in a supportive setting. rediscover vitality and resilience as you sculpt your core for a more empowered you!

Movement & Flow

With this app you can track your progress, check your body weight, body fat, your goals, and objectives. You can also upload photos to see your changes over time. And If you have your Fitbit, Apple Watch you can connect it to my app!

the super strength program dashboard app
the super strength program app
Gabriel Fitness squats

Gabriel Meneses - Fitness Coach Level 4, Specialised in Movement & Strength Training

My passion for fitness ignited when I was just 14 years old. I quickly saw remarkable changes – newfound abilities, improved sports performance, and a transformed outlook on life.

Over the years, my passion evolved into expertise. Having worked extensively with older individuals, I’ve developed a unique perspective on their fitness needs and challenges. I’m proud to have led numerous classes tailored for seniors, providing them with safe, engaging, and effective workouts.

My experience with a diverse age group has made me a resource for many on their fitness journey. 

With the wisdom accumulated from years of training, I’ve crafted dynamic systems that enhance strength, hypertrophy, endurance, and flexibility. I am excited to guide my clients on this transformative journey towards their best selves.

I firmly believe in the immense value of health and strength – it’s a life-changing feeling that I wish for everyone to experience. This conviction spurred me to dedicate a decade of my life  studying various fitness methodologies. My goal is to help people achieve the best possible results, whether that’s losing weight, defining muscles, improving flexibility, or increasing muscle mass.