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It would help if you chose your plan, depending on how difficult it is to follow a workout routine. If you need help to start exercising, I recommend selecting a Workout plan + Diet plan ( Super Strength Program Premium), and you can add some sessions once or twice a week to correct your form. I hope you are excited to make some changes. I’ll see you in the fitness app!

Super Strength Program Premium

£ 120 Monthly
  • Diet Plan Included
  • Personalised Exercises
  • Full Assistance 24/7
  • Acess To The App
  • 1 to 1 With Gabriel and his Nutritionist


  • Personalised Exercises
  • I Personally Come To You
  • Help You Correct Your Form
  • Full Motivation!

30 Days - Custom Meal Plan

£ 65 Monthly
  • Weekly Meal Plans for every meal
  • Grocery Store list for the weekly Meal Plan
  • Instructions for every recipe

PErsonalised Training plan

£ 45 one-time payment
  • Any Fitness Level
  • 7 Workout Program Every Week
  • You Can Interact With Other Members
  • Access To The App
  • Track Your Progress

Virtual training sessions

£ 25 Per Session
  • Any Fitness Level
  • Extra Motivation
  • Train with me
  • Learn how to perform the exercises correctly

2 to 1 Sessions

  • You Can Train With Your friends
  • Help You Correct Your Form
  • Personalised Exercises 2 to 1 sessions
  • It Helps You Get Started In The World of Fitness

1 to 1 online coaching

£ 65 Monthly
  • Personalised Exercises
  • Full Assistance 24/7
  • Acess To The App
  • 1 to 1 With Gabriel

TRAINING Session at Snap fitness

  • Personalised Exercises
  • Different Activities (1 to 1)
  • Help You Correct Your Form
  • It Helps You Get Started In The World Of Fitness.
  • First Session For Free!
personal training in cornwall

Home Bootcamp Training

You just need 3 friends to join you and we can do it anywhere, at your house or in your nearest park. You will Experience the best Mixture of Bootcamp and Calisthenics!

Contact me Gabriel Fitness
workout program for surfers In Cornwall

Workout Program For Surfers

Surfing requires a wide range of physical qualities in order to catch a wave, paddle out and lay some big hacking turns, Therefore, you need the perfect workout program for that!

Calisthenics PROGRAM

Super Strength Program

I can teach you how to control your body weight and how to reach the maximum capacity of your body. Not to mention, you'll also achieve the body of your dreams!

FAT DESTROYER Gabriel Fitness

Fat Destroyer Program

The Fat Destroyer Program is one of the most effective system I have created to lose fat and get toned without a gym and minimum equipment

Strength training for adults +40

Strength training for adults +40

The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body.

If not now, when?

be part of the Fat Destroyer program!