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If you’re looking to improve your health, lose weight, or learn more about nutrition in general, you’ve come to the right place!

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What do I get in the nutrition plans?

Are you frustrated, trying many diets but still can’t seem to get into shape? Do you feel tired all the time or simply want to get a little more in shape? I can help you with that; I will provide you with customized diet plans to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. This includes but is not limited to weight gain, weight loss, building healthy eating habits, etc.

I will modify the diet plans and advice according to your eating windows, food and kitchen accessibility, age (from toddler to senior), food preferences (including cultural eating styles and flavours), and any health condition you may have. Also, I can help you If you are looking for a basic diet plan to introduce yourself to the world of nutrition.
I will provide personalized diet plans and nutritional advice to help you meet your goals, no matter what health conditions or barriers you may have in place.

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Know your Nutritionist

Bachelor in Nutrition and dietetics, over 35 years of experience

Celina De Farias

Nutritionist and Dietitian

It was not difficult to choose Nutrition and Dietetics as a career since, from a very young age, I found the world of food fascinating, the mixture of its smells, colours, and flavours; I grew up around coriander crops, parsley and leeks. I have always believed that digestion begins with the aromas of a good kitchen, then with the presentation on the plate, you enjoy the food long before savouring the first bite.

I graduated in 1985, more than 35 years of experience in this area; I began my career attending my patients in consultation with Dr Elias Zisman endocrinologist, from the La Floresta Clinic in Caracas. One of the main problems of my patients is the lack of taste for vegetables. They didn’t know how to make them palatable, they follow the diet as a great sacrifice eating without enjoying the food, so we develop simple recipes improving the flavour.

I had the privilege of treating two patients who did not imagine the success they achieved with their treatment; The exercise was challenging at first, but as they lost weight and improved their stamina, they enjoyed exercising outdoors more.

The result was that both patients lost more than 70 kgs in 8 months; they changed radically physically and emotionally. One of them told me: Now I know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to in this world! These experiences are the ones that fill you with satisfaction and wanting to move on.

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What should I choose?

It would be best if you chose your plan depending on your case. If you consider you need help because you suffer from a disease, or you need to lose weight, and you are struggling to get on a diet, you should book a consultation with me. If you need some help getting your macronutrient requirements and eating healthily, you can purchase a 30 Days – Custom  Meal Plan.

30 Days - Custom Meal Plan

£ 65 Monthly
  • Weekly Meal Plans for every meal
  • Grocery Store list for the weekly Meal Plan
  • Instructions for every recipe

Nutrition consultation

  • Solve any doubts regarding your nutrition
  • Feel free to communicate all your difficulties
  • Get a 15 day custom meal plan
  • Full Assistance 24/7

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We have so many plans that you can choose to begin your changes in the fitness life, I see you in there!

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