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What is Movement and flow?

Due to the peculiarity of its practice, animal flow is an activity different from everything that has been proposed so far, although if we wanted to look for some resemblance to any discipline, we can say that it is an activity that combines elements of calisthenics, yoga, pilates and capoeira.

This type of training consists of performing a series of movements in a fluid way and connected to each other, in the same way, that occurs in Pilates or in a sequence of yoga asanas.

In animal flow we imitate the movements of animals, only body weight is used to work the muscles, hence its similarity to calisthenics, but you can meditate while doing these exercises. This is a whole different thing and you should definitely join my classes to learn more about this new type of training!

Handstand on otters

Benefits of Movement and flow

From Beginner to advanced

Animal flow is a physical activity that allows you to exercise from a basic level to a more advanced level. Therefore, it will not exclude any athlete, whatever their physical level.

boost YOUR flexibility

Movement and flow improve the flexibility of your whole body but in particular the spine, something that can be especially useful in people who are heading towards the third age.

Improve your balance

Improves body stability since you must perform many movements in balance with the arms and legs, something that will allow us to improve, for example, our proprioceptive sense.

No impact on your joints

In the animal flow, no impact will be exerted on the joints. This can be a super handful routine if you have suffered from any injury and you want to recover. Movement will help you keep on the rhythm of fitness.

What my customers say

Super strength program transformation

I Started training with Gabriel and from the first session I knew everything was different, I had never seen a system like that, and I didn't know it was so effective, also It makes you fall in love with the process. I lost 20 kilos and I feel I have an amazing body like I never thought I could have it as I was very fat 6 months ago.

Javier Casini

Super strength program transformation

I Had troubles gaining weight my whole life and I thought I will always be the skinny guy until I met Gabriel Fitness. He taught me many things and helped me to get my dream body, I always wanted bigger arms and now I can say I feel super confident with my body my arms are 16 inches, I have never enjoyed exercising before like I do now.

Edward Arrechedera

Know your personal trainer

PT level 3, specialized in strength training and calisthenics

I started training when I was 14 years old, and I realised that exercising is the best thing that has happened to me in life. I noticed a big difference, especially with my strength, I could do activities that I could not do before, and my improvement in all sports was incredible.

After years of training, I started to design different systems to increase strength, hypertrophy, endurance and flexibility most dynamically and funnily.

Gabriel Meneses

Personal Trainer

I began to discover dynamic ways to exercise, games, calisthenics and more that somehow help to keep you in the rhythm of fitness; then, it is not bored anymore!

I decided that more people should know this, the feeling of being healthy and strong is something that money or anything in life can’t compare. That is why I have spent ten years of my short age experimenting with this type of training that I will teach you in my program.

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