What Equipment do I use for training?

If you want to join my program you don’t really need specific equipment, I normally use, Dumbbells, Resistance bands, Pull up bar, TRX straps, Parallels bars, But I have alternatives for each of these and I will talk about it on this post, make sure you read it all!

RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Dip Station Stands Pull Up bars Parallel Adjustable Training Home Calisthenic Bars Fitness Gym Workout Exercise , in my opinion these are the coolest dips on amazon and a very competitive price. But I will be honest with you, I didn’t have any dips since I moved to England until 2 years later, I was using two chairs or two sofas by my side and they worked perfectly.

These are the Cheapest on Amazon and the best quality. You can choose between 15 and 10 kilos, this is the only extra weight I use in my program. Nevertheless, if for some reason you are struggling to get these, you can get some second-hand Dumbbells on Facebook Marketplace and if you don’t want to spend more money or you don’t have space where you live, You can use Water Bottles like those you find in the market for different sizes and you still can do the same exercises without any problems at all

KEAFOLS Fitness Training Pro Suspension System Training Kit Straps for Home Gym Workout. In my program I love to use TRX because they have so many benefits, I talk about its benefits on this video.

Moreover, If you don’t want to spend money on these you can use the resistance bands and you will be able to do the majority of the exercises in my program, there might be couple exercises that you won’t be able to do without the TRX straps but you message me and we can solve it.

Cotton yangda Push Up Bars Stand with Foam Grip Handle,Fitness Pushup Handles, Fitness parallette bars,Pushup Stands for Home Gym Exercise Training. These Paralletes are very useful if you want to learn how to do planches, I use them a lot in my program. Also These paralletes in particular are the cheapest, but I have used it and they are very strong if your weight is around 80 kg, you will be just fine.

Moreover, if you want to get something cooler and better quality you can choose the wooden parallettes.

Grabacz Doorway Pull Up Bar, Chin Up Bar Horizontal Upper Body Workout Bar for Home Gym Exercise is the one I use, It is pretty cheap and adjustable for all the exercises in my program, you will see it once you are in my app that this is the type of bar I use, nevertheless if you have a real pull up bar is even better.

Furthermore if you don’t want to buy a pull up bar for any reason you can look for a place where to hang, like a door frame, or if you go to your nearest park you can find a pull up bar or a place where to hang.

Resistance Bands With 5 Fitness Tubes, 2 Foam Handles, 2 Ankle Straps, 2 Door Anchor, Carrying Pouch-Yoga. These Resistance Bands are the best seller on amazon, in my opinion the best quality, I have been using these for a year and none of them has snapped. Also they have different resistance levels, yellow 10 lbs, green 20 lbs, blue 30 lbs, black 40 lbs, red 50 lbs. Exercise bands can be used alone, or stack used together to 150LBS to meet your different exercise stages needs, Therefore you will be able to progress from beginner to advanced.

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