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Are you bored of the same workout plan for men? Same exercises?
Do you get it when you see that is time to train, you lose the desire to workout? Human beings have always been interested in new and different things to keep us motivated.

Why is This workout plan for men Is Effective?

There are many products and services out there trying to sell you a “One secret exercise to grow muscle in 15 days”, maybe It is true, but the most important thing is to enjoy exercising while getting shredded and in my opinion that is where all those plans fail, people get bored of repeating same exercises. I have designed this wonderful system where you will enjoy every single exercise and you will become stronger, flexible and learn exciting techniques such as Handstands, planche, Front Lever, among others! I will give you a Proven Plan, That I have been working on for years to get the best results.

The Super Strength Program is the most effective system I have created to grow muscle and get toned without a gym and minimum equipment (you can do it anywhere, at your home, park, or the beautiful beaches in Cornwall). This Workout routine for men is for anyone who needs to get stronger and increase muscle mass. I see a lot of people experimenting with different workouts and spend hours a day searching for a magic pill. When in reality, you just need to follow the right plan, the one that is proven to work.

Front Lever of the personalised workout plan

Perform the best calisthenics HIIT WORKOUTS

You can enjoy the best of both by incorporating a mix of intense cardio drills with HIIT strength training exercises. A solid combination will give you a well-rounded workout; while HIIT cardio training burns calories, the muscle you gain from HIIT strength training keeps the fire burning all day long.


Just imagine being able to do all those activities that are very hard for you, or let's say you get tired very quickly. Imagine playing all those sports that you like, while you can see a better performance every day.

Burn fat faster

Just a few minutes of bodyweight circuit training can have a major impact on the body’s metabolism. In this program you can see results so fast that you can not believe it, it is scientifically proven that high-intensity bodyweight exercises burn more fat than any other type of training and my program is based on bodyweight exercises!

Receive 7 New Workout Program Every Week

A new workout program every Monday specifically designed to lose weight and increase your strength. Every week I will show you new exercises and different routines that will make you achieve your IDEAL WEIGHT!

Super HIIT Training Everyday

These exercises are great for reducing the amount of time that you need to be doing cardio in order to lose weight and achieve your goals. You will be implementing one of the most effective ways to get lean by putting your body into “after-burn mode”.

Be Able To Share Your Experience

You will have access to my fitness group where you can interact with other members, share photos and tell about your experience with that week’s training. Also, you can ask me anything related to the program through this group or in a private message

Track Your Progress

With this app you can track your progress, check your body weight, body fat, your goals and objectives. You can also upload photos to see your changes over time. And If you have your Fitbit, Apple Watch or any other device that track calories you can connect it to my app!

the super strength program app
the super strength program dashboard app

Strategic Diet plan Of the workout plan for men

This is the strategic plan that I use to achieve the goals and objectives that you set yourself during this program. In addition, you will be able to participate and tell me your favourite meals, so that me and the nutritionist can make your own fabulous diet plan!

Celina De Farias

Nutritionist and Dietitian
Macronutrients and calorie requirement
Diet based on client's preferences
Personalised diet plan

what the men say about this workout plan

Super strength program transformation

I Started training with Gabriel and from the first session I knew everything was different, I had never seen a system like that, and I didn't know it was so effective, also It makes you fall in love with the process. I lost 20 kilos and I feel I have an amazing body like I never thought I could have it as I was very fat 6 months ago.

Javier Casini

fliper cambio gabriel fitness

When I joined the Fat destroyer program, I only tried it to see how it looked like the first week for free. Once I finished the first week I couldn't feel more attach to the program, Exercises weren't bored anymore, Gabriel always ensured that the exercises are varied and super fun. Now I Have lost enough fat and I i'm ready to join THE SUPER STRENGTH PROGRAM!

Juan C. Lugo

Know your personal trainer

PT level 3, specialize in strength training and calisthenics

I started training when I was 14 years old and I realised that exercising is the best thing that has happened to me in life, I began to notice a big difference especially with my strength, I could do activities that I could not do before and my improvement in all sports was incredible.

After all these years training I started to design different systems to increase strength, hypertrophy, endurance and flexibility in the most dynamic and funniest way.

Gabriel Meneses

Personal Trainer

I began to discover dynamic ways to exercise, games, calisthenics and more that somehow help to keep you in the rhythm of fitness, then it is not bored anymore!

I decided that this should be known by more people, the feeling of being healthy and strong is something that the money or anything in life can’t  compare to. That is the reason why I have spend 10 years of my short age experimenting all these systems that I will teach you in my program.

Choose your workout plan

What should I choose?

You should choose your plan depending on how difficult it is for you to follow a workout routine, if you consider that you need extreme help, I recommend choosing “The Super Strength Program Premium”, but if you consider that you are strong enough to follow your own Diet Plan, you can choose “The Super strength Program standard. I hope you are excited to make some changes, I see you in the fitness app!!


£ 29 Monthly
  • Any Fitness Level
  • 7 Workout Program Every Week
  • You Can Interact With Other Members
  • Access To The App
  • Track Your Progress

Super Strength Program Premium

£ 120 Monthly
  • Diet Plan Included
  • Personalised Exercises
  • Full Assistance with Nutritionist And Gabriel
  • Acess To The App
  • Track Your Progress

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