Nutrition Consultation With Celina De Faria




In the nutritional online session, I will help you to improve your eating habits, achieve a healthy weight and body fat. The right food will benefit with better performance and more energy during the day.
Check how healthy is your lifestyle and eating habits. The human body has its own nutritional needs that are separate from your preferences and habits. We can talk about any concerns over the best way to eat and meet health and physical appearance goals. Perhaps you are struggling to find good recipes to eat, or you don’t understand anything about macronutrients, you want to bulk up muscle, or lose weight!
Once you have purchased the Nutritional online session, we will send you the confirmation of your payment and a questionnaire to custom your plan. Remember that we must have it at least 48 hours before the session. Download the Zoom application from your favourite device (cell phone or computer), with a camera and audio. After receiving your questionnaire, we will schedule your appointment. The consultation lasts 30 minutes. We will send your personalized plan within 48 hours after the videoconference. If you have any questions about the Nutritional session, do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond as soon as possible!

What does the Nutrition Consultation include?

General nutritional recommendations.

Calculation of Nutritional requirements according to your age and height and personal conditions.

14 Days – Custom Meal plan